In search of a new life

Thousands of people emigrate to Australia every year, leaving their own countries in search of a better life "Down Under".
It's a huge, brave step and it takes months of paperwork before they can be accepted into their new country.
There are two main types of permanent visas for a move to Australia. For Class A (Non-Business Visas) there is a point system. The more points you score for things like qualifications and experience, the better your chances of being given a visa. However, the points system applies only to younger people, and anyone over 45 must have close relatives in Australia in order to get a Class A viza.
Class B (Business Visa) are mostly for people who own successful companies and want to base them in Autralia.
There are several circumstances which allow you to get a temporary visa. One of the easiest way to live in Australia for a while is a student. If you can pay your course fees and living expenses, you can stay in the country for the duration of your studies. Naturally, your school, college or university must accept you on the course before you can apply  for a visa.