What You Think About You Bring About By Chuck Danes

What You Think About You Bring About
Chuck Danes

Dzisiaj przeglądając sieć natknęłam się na całkiem ciekawy artykuł, oczywiście treść dotyczy pozytywnego myślenia.  Poruszane są pojęcia świadomości i podświadomości  oraz wiele przykładów obrazujących temat.

English version:
Nearly every day I hear someone say something along the lines of “Why does life have to be so hard” or “Why can’t I ever get a break” and sometimes even “Why does everything happen to me.” It seems that the majority of people in our world these days seem to struggle from day to day in one or some areas of their lives. Some experience struggle in ALL areas. 
They don't HAVE to of course, although many "think" they do. So, that's what they do.
And of those that do, most believe that they are just victims of circumstance. They honestly believe that they have no control over these seemingly inescapable situations. The majority believe that it is simply fate or chance that brings these situations and circumstances into their lives.

They must just endure these unpleasant and uncomfortable situations and circumstances, and that there is absolutely nothing that they are capable of doing that will change them.
This reasoning, as legitimate as it may seem, couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that whatever may be happening in ones life is happening because that is exactly what the individual is causing to happen on either a conscious or subconscious level.
And that's what MOST overlook who find themselves and consistently "claim" that life is happening TO them. They fail to recognize, acknowledge or take responsibility for the fact that life doesn't happen TO US but rather THROUGH us.
Sound crazy? Many think it does, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t the truth. It is the absolute truth. It's based on a Higher Truth than most are willing to explore and understand, so without even knowing it, they are "choosing" to remain "seemingly trapped" within their own self limiting truth.
And they get to be right.
But they do simply because that is what "seeds" they're choosing to plant and nurture. And the harvest they receive never changes. Or if it does the change is temporary.
What do seemingly inescapable and difficult life experiences have to do with seeds?

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